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Return of the Hollywoods

Published : 16/04/2008

Return of the Hollywoods

The Hollywood pride has returned to Lion Camp. During the rainy season the lions usually move away from the flooded and waterlogged areas near the Luangwa River to better hunting grounds inland. Patrick and I have heard the lions from time to time but have not actually seen them since December. That was until last week, when we came across 11 members of the pride walking between Lion Camp’s main entrance and the workshop.

By spotlight we could see 4 adults, one of them male, and 7 cubs. Those of you who were here last season and those of you who follow Patrick’s Luangwa blog will know some of these cubs well. At the end of last season there were 5 cubs about 5 months old and 2 young cubs only a few months old. Of the 7 cubs we saw last week 4 were quite big cubs, 2 were still quite small and 1 was a size in-between. We heard them again last night; they were on a kill on the wafwa in front of the camp. We have been hoping to find them again in daylight so we can properly identify each of the lions but they have remained elusive.

It is great that so many of the Hollywood cubs have survived the rainy season. It is promising for another year of great game-viewing at Lion Camp.

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